A renowned speaker, educational psychologist, entrepreneur and education technology innovator, Yasmin Mubarak is the founder and CEO of Modern Learning Studio, a company that specializes in Providing Personalized Learning to all their students. Breaking free from the conventions of the standardized school system, Modern Learning Studio has a rather different approach, detailed further from the words of Mr. Mubarak himself

Can you recall what your school life was like?

“What is wrong with you?” “You’re not focusing enough” – These were phrases that were all too familiar to the four-year-old version of myself. As a hyperactive young child, I never liked studying and as a result I didn’t get along with my teachers either. More often than not, everyone around me would think that I behaved the way I did in order to attract attention.

Was this the career path that your parents wanted for you?

Being the eldest in the family, my parents were extremely worried about my performance in school They did not know what to do with me and would always compare me with other kids. As I progressed through school, my grades never really improved. I was put into the science stream as my parents wanted me to become a doctor but even then, my marks were simply not good enough.

What was a game changing moment for you?

One afternoon, my school principle asked me to come into his office. He asked me what was going on and I explained to him that I strongly dislike the medical field. I told him that my passion is to motivate people and invent something never seen before. That is when I was first directed to the psychology field. Following this I completed my masters and then I founded Modern Learning Studio.

Tell us about Modern Learning Studio

Modern learning studio is a personalized learning centre where teachers are seen as coaches. Students are allowed to freely identify their strengths and weaknesses in a comfortable environment. All learning that happens here is totally student centered. Usually, teachers exist to deliver an idea to a student. The background, what kind of learner they are, and other factors are not considered. As a result, conventional teaching conducted in schools is neither effective nor efficient.

What are some fundamental characteristics of Modern Learning Studio?

Modern Learning Studio focuses on crucial areas of skill development in children. As the 21st century comes with its own challenges, many of the needed skills are not paid much attention to in mainstream school curriculums. We offer various programs like public speaking, reading, coding and creative writing to help develop problem solving and critical thinking skills. These factors build student confidence while instilling basic academic skills to facilitate further learning.

You also conduct a Summer Camp Program, how does this fit in with the curriculum?

We also conduct an adventure summer camp. So far, we have completed 17 camps each with 30 to 45 kids. They learn everything from cooking skills, creative thinking, robotics and entrepreneurial skills. They are also treated to fun activities such as ziplining, rock climbing, archery and everything in between. We created this program so that kids will be prepared to face anything that life throws at them. Studying alone is not enough.

Do you think the public-school system in flawed?

I believe that every child is unique. My passion is to help these children understand and discover what their passion is, rather than blindly going behind monetary gain. Through my research, I have been to over 300 schools across Sri Lanka. I have understood that one aspect about the public-school system is fundamentally wrong. Kids are positioned according to their performance. The top five are good, the following five are average and the remaining 30 kids are in a grey area; they do not know what to do.

What were the initial steps you took to change this?

I developed a program which helps kids develop life skills while allowing them to identify their purpose in life. Goal setting and innovation are defining characteristics of this program. It took off and became a major a hit with a total membership of around 3000

What can we expect from Modern Learning Studio in the future?

My future plan is to take this new learning concept forward and expand internationally. We started working on this and all the initial steps have been conducted. By initially making regional steps in Asia and then on to the rest of the world, I believe that Modern Learning Studio will succeed globally.


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The premier source for insight, advice and guides from Sri Lanka’s most influential entrepreneurs.

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