Sheromi Priyadharshani Samaradiwakara is the entrepreneur behind LUSH, Sri Lanka’s pioneering and state of the art aesthetic clinic. Hailing from Kelaniya, Sheromi was educated in Colombo before marrying her high school sweetheart, Sujith Samaradiwakara who is the Chairman of Technomedics Int’l (Pvt) Ltd. It wasn’t long before the power couple used both of their strengths to establish LUSH. Much like many of the empowered ladies you have already read about, Sheromi cherishes her family life. Her daughter is currently reading for her Masters in the UK – to be an entrepreneur of course, and her son is currently pursuing his undergraduate degree in the UK as well. Personal life aside, read on to find out more about the LUSH story and their unique aesthetic service offerings.


With the founding of LUSH, you brought a vision to life. What was this vision?

In simple terms, I wanted to empower men and women by making them look and feel perfect through the enhancement of their beauty which has a direct effect on their self-confidence. Every individual, no matter their age, seeks to be the perfect version of themselves and I am no different. This is why is started a laser clinic to provide services of such nature for the first time in Sri Lanka. Further, if I may elaborate on our mission, LUSH seeks to provide personalized care by qualified medical professionals in a world class ambiance, at an affordable price using the most technologically advanced treatments under one roof. Thus, you can achieve the beauty, perfection and confidence you aspire to have.

As the Founder and Director of LUSH, can you tell us what the brand offers?

First, our brand name itself is a reflection of the luxurious services that we strive to offer. Skincare, haircare, dental care and anti-aging treatments are some of the services we offer to clients. LUSH is also a state-of-the-art laser center which provides laser skin care and serves as a training center for the Sri Lanka Dermatology Association.


With many competitors and the recent launch of an International clinic in Sri Lanka, what is your competitive advantage?

Yes, there are many competitors in this field including international examples. For that matter, any business is bound to have competitors. However, if you execute the correct procedures in a professional manner, competitors are not a threat. Of course, there are few advantages that we have over others. Technomedics International (Pvt) Ltd, being our mother company is one of the leading entities which provides medical equipment to the state and private sector. As Technomedics has been in the healthcare business for over 25 years, it certainly is an asset to our acclaim.

We are also a registered clinic in the Private Health Services Regulatory Council (PHSRC) of Sri Lanka. As a result, all our treatments are carried out by specialized consultants in their relevant fields. Namely dermatology, plastic surgery, dentistry and nutrition. Our well trained and experienced nursing staff provide the best possible care for clients. Our team of nurses are headed by a SLMC registered doctor in-charge and a SLMC registered matron. LUSH is also proud to follow legitimate practices using FDA approved products and machines registered under the NMRA, maintaining client safety at all times.


What are the challenges of operating a business in this industry?

Substandard products often enter the market without proper clinical trial studies and NMRA registrations. Some clinics also do not meet the standards expected by the PHSRC and fail to follow their guidelines. We have also seen some instances where individuals who conduct procedures lack the qualifications and training to do so. All of these factors affect the perception of this industry and it is the genuine businesses such as LUSH which suffer. This is why we always try to spread awareness among people regarding aesthetic treatments and skincare products.


There is an understanding that skin clinics are for niche markets (high net worth individuals) Is this true in terms of LUSH?

This is partially true. When it comes to aesthetics and beauty, products and professionalism are costly so there is an automatic tendency to cater to high net worth individuals. However, when it concerns general dermatology, the clientele is not always as wealthy so it should be affordable to everyone. As Technomedics is able to provide us with the necessary equipment and services, we are at the advantage of providing healthcare to everyone.


Are you involved in any other business ventures?

Of course! It is in my nature to entertain and bring joy to those around me. This led me to step into the hospitality industry with the opening of Ayana Lake, a boutique resort in Panadura. Since then, I have established another resort, Ayana Sea in Wadduwa. I hope to expand the Ayana chain to the hill country soon. I also see myself as a travel junkie and my husband always accompanies me. It is while on these journeys that I gather my ideas. Giving back is something that is dear to my heart as well, so I am actively involved in social service which keeps me busy during my free time.


As a female entrepreneur, what are some challenges you have encountered?

Running each business comes with a set of challenges. Being a wife and a mother at the same time is the biggest challenge that I have faced so far. However, as family is the most important thing in my life, I can brace through the storms. I must say that facing challenges as a family unit has given me the strength to succeed.


Do you have any advice for aspiring entrepreneurs, women in particular?

What matters the most is willpower. Never give up and work hard to achieve your goals. To the ladies, I would like to say that even though we live in a country where social and cultural values give women a secondary role, it is all a myth. Everyone is equal. Take a look at LUSH for example, we are an all-female team! So Ladies, shine bright and be the person who you really are within.


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The premier source for insight, advice and guides from Sri Lanka’s most influential entrepreneurs.

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