In 1982, Mr. Ranjith Kodituwakku joined the People’s Bank of Sri Lanka as a Junior Staff Assistant. Having completed his advanced level education, he was new to the world of work and had nothing but motivation and a clear vision to start with. He pursued his higher studies alongside the career to amplify his skills and competencies, by becoming a Law graduate from the University of Buckinghamshire, completed his MBA from the University of Colombo, and became a certified member of the Institute of Bankers Association Sri Lanka.

Delivering the Bank’s expectations was never an easy task, nevertheless, Ranjith succeeded and excelled in every task he was assigned to, and gradually climbed up the ladder by proving his capabilities to the Bank. During his 29 years of service, he had to achieve several milestones assigned to him, where he gained a great deal of knowledge.


“It was not an easy task to deliver what the Bank expected from me as a leader. However, I contributed to the Bank beyond what I was expected to, which helped me climb the ladder of success and become who I am today!”


One of the most challenging roles Ranjith was appointed for was the position as the regional manager in the Northern region of People’s Bank Sri Lanka, soon after the end of the Eelam War. Most of the branches in the region were destroyed at the time, and the people were devastated and unsettled with the environment. While rebuilding the infrastructure, Ranjith also had to uplift the mental health and bring positivity to the people in the region. It is certainly admirable how Ranjith accepted this challenge without any hesitation and successfully completed this task to reinstate the peaceful and fruitful Banking environment in the Northern region which was once lost.

Rajith recalls with pride of being able to spearhead the CSR project done in par with the Bank’s 50th Anniversary to build 50 houses for internally displaced people during his position as the regional manager of the Northern region. This is one of many contributions the Bank has made to uplifting life in those areas devastated by the conflict and in helping the populations of the North and the East return to lives of normalcy.

Rajith was then promoted to the Assistant General Manager where he led the offshore Banking unit of People’s Bank. Catering to the offshore customers and export-oriented businesses was one of the biggest responsibilities of the Bank, and Rajith did not let the Bank down in fulfilling this responsibility. Recognizing the Bank’s potential, Cambodia, Thailand, and the Middle East were the regions Rajith was able to expand the services of the Bank during his role as the Assistant General Manager.

Leading People’s Bank towards the future of digitalization

When People’s Bank started their digitalization journey, Rajith was entrusted with the leadership of revamping the Banking facilities into digital services. At this time, he was appointed as the Deputy General Manager for Digitalization. The Bank’s intention was to stay up to date with the global trends, and with the impeccable leadership of Rajith, People’s Bank was able to become the pioneers in Sri Lanka in embarking upon the digitalization journey. Another noteworthy task he successfully completed was to spearhead the credit portfolio of the bank, as a complimentary service to the digitalized banking platform.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit Sri Lanka, People’s Bank was in a better position to cater to the requirements of their customers by accessing their banking services through their digital platforms. Rajith mentions how the People’s Bank’s vision to digitalization has truly helped the customers during the pandemic since adapting to digitalized banking facilities was not a major transition for existing customers of People’s Bank. More than 50 transactions could be done through the People’s Bank mobile and self-banking applications. At present, more than 1 million customers are registered with these facilities, which is a great achievement in a digital era.

People’s Bank’s applications and its end-to-end loan obtaining, and digital onboarding facilities have won awards from South-east Asia, Africa, and Asia-Pacific region due to the unique and advanced technology. By the end of 2018, all the branches of People’s Bank were armored with these facilities and fully automated systems.

“I think People’s Bank is way ahead of time in terms of digitalization, and we continue to bring more facilities for our valuable customers to ensure they experience the latest technology with ease!”

Reaching the pinnacle of his career one step at a time

In June 2020, Ranjith Kodituwakku reached the pinnacle of his career at People’s Bank by being appointed as the Chief Executive Officer/General Manager as a recognition of his exceptional service, dedication, and hard work. Looking back at the past 30 years of his career, Rajith is extremely proud of his contribution to the People’s Bank of Sri Lanka.

“Throughout my career, I was entrusted with many challenges, but I never backed down and never said no. I accepted these challenged and gave my utmost support and wisdom to take the People’s Bank to greater heights!”

Rajith strongly believes his sheer commitment, hard work, passion for self-learning and to explore new things, to face any challenge are the qualities that paved the way for his success. He encourages all the young entrepreneurs and individuals in the country to dream big, be passionate about their dreams and implement a concrete plan. A clear vision and a mission help refrain from deviating from their dreams and goals.

Adhering to the country’s rules and regulations while governing yourself is quite important, he adds.

For any entrepreneur, capital is the most vital part of their business. Therefore, keeping a good relationship with your trusted bank can be very helpful. Rajith suggests the youth be open, frank, and transparent with the bank about their requirement and use the bank’s guidance to the fullest for their venture. People’s Bank possesses an array of facilities to support the entrepreneurs in the country to sustain and develop their businesses and enterprises.


Thashmila Nadeeshani

Thashmila Nadeeshani is a passionate and enthusiastic writer who started writing as a career path in 2015. She believes that words can truly make an impact in the world, and holds the pen as her mighty weapon to create change and bring positivity.

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Thashmila Nadeeshani

Thashmila Nadeeshani is a passionate and enthusiastic writer who started writing as a career path in 2015. She believes that words can truly make an impact in the world, and holds the pen as her mighty weapon to create change and bring positivity.

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