Ruwini Jayarathne always knew that she would head down the entrepreneurial avenue, but with the many options and opportunities that were presented for her pursual, she found herself to be lost among the choices. However, after she was introduced to the world of gemmology, Ruwini knew that she had found her true calling. What soon followed was a strong growth of passion for the field and she stands today as a Fellow of the Gemmological Association of Great Britain and the founder and creative director of Ruwini Jayarathne Jewelry. Armed with a comprehensive understanding of the gap between what was offered to customers in the market and the potential to make this better, she soon secured a place within this competitive industry.

While one might assume that her brand name is a simple way to brand herself and her creations, it is actually a cleverly thought out strategy. Building trust among customers is one the fundamental pillars of success within the industry; Ruwini understood that there simply isn’t a better way to achieve this other than through the association of her own name with the name of the brand. She comments that in addition to this, it made her dream of building a brand under her own name a reality.

When you view her pieces, all it takes is one glance to know that you are looking at something unique, something that breaks through industry norms in an unconventional yet stylish and contemporary manner. While the conventions of jewellery design are to prepare a design first and then find a suitable gemstone for the setting, Ruwini has reversed the process. She designs around the stone, making it the centrepiece of the item. As a result, every piece tells a story and she is sure to walk the customer through every process, from selecting a gemstone, to the craftsmanship involved. This results in every customer enjoying an exquisitely beautiful piece of art.

Today’s jewellery buyers are used to seeing flawlessly cut and polished stones, sitting in glass display boxes lit up with bright lights. To Ruwini, this isn’t beauty. She is among a rare breed of jewellery designers who are drawn to the beauty of the natural imperfections present in a gemstone. She says that a Rutilated Quartz or a Dendritic Agate would draw her attention far more than a perfectly cut stone with no character. Her loyal clients are especially appreciative of this as they are treated to interesting combinations of stones that are sometimes unheard of. Due to these factors, be it a Chrysocolla, a Rhodocrosite or a Golden Rutile, it easy to identify her jewels amongst a crowd.

Ruwini’s appreciation for imperfections stems from the disability that has always been a part of her life. This has directly encouraged her to inspire others faced with disabilities to pursue their aspirations instead of dwelling on the limitations that one has. With a strong sense of optimism, she strives to find positivity in everything that life throws at her. To Ruwini, life is a learning experience which is all about working harder to make any situation a positive one and this is exactly why finding the beauty of imperfections in gems means so much to her.

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When quizzed about the competitive advantage that her brand exhibits, Ruwini is quick to reply that it lies in the originality and sincerity with which she has built this platform. The majority of her customers prefer to understand and become associated with the growth of this small business. This results in her customers realising the fact that Ruwini is not perfect in every aspect of her operations; there are many ups and downs along the way, but she makes sure that her customers are aware of them. As social media is one of the main engines that drives this business forward, Ruwini also uses her platform to voice the issues she faces as a mother who is running a business.

One of her main objectives is to improve the handcrafted jewellery industry. With this in mind, Ruwini is more than open to collaborate with other jewellery brands as knowledge and skill sharing is very important to her. She stands as an advocate to take handcrafted jewellery back to its thriving heyday as not only does it improve the livelihood of an artisan, but it also encourages a whole industry of handcrafting to sustain and thrive.

As Ruwini completes four years of successful and passionate business operations, she is ever optimistic when viewing the future. Her final closing note on how she succeeded in the industry is by being genuine and authentic while pursuing her dream of building a business, without forgetting to love and respect her craft.


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The premier source for insight, advice and guides from Sri Lanka’s most influential entrepreneurs.