Ever since childhood from the time she can remember, Nishanthi Ratwatte, Nishi, has been encouraged by her father to become a lawyer. Coming from a line of lawyers through generations, her inspiration from her father made her become the 4th generation lawyer of the family. Although she started as a lawyer in the corporate field, her passion for running her own law firm and entering the business field has made her a successful entrepreneur today.



“I was blessed to have met my husband during the time I was working as a legal representative for a corporate entity, and he encouraged and helped me start my own legal firm as well as partnering up with him into a few business ventures. From there, today we have both come a long way!


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Nishi’s husband, Nadeeka Abeysekera was running a property rentals company during the time they met, and together, they looked for investment opportunities where Nishi was able to initiate her own legal firm, ‘Supreme Corporate Solutions’. Additionally, she has partnered with one of her good friends on a venture that combines legal aspects with Finance.

Partnering up with her husband, Nishi was also able to invest in an iconic nightclub in Colombo, The Monkey Business Colombo, and a spectacular rooftop bar in Colombo. She has recently invested in a Cloud kitchen located at the heart of Colombo and looking into ideas to expand her business ventures into other industries as well.

Challenging the challenges and achieving one milestone at a time!

Getting into Law College and completing it was highly competitive for Nishi, but with her hard work and perseverance, she was able to triumph it like a pro. Gaining experience in the industry as a mere understudy and finding opportunities was quite hard, where she had to make her mark and let her work speak for itself.

“The corporate world comes with its own challenges, but I believe each of these challenges also serve as life lessons we can use to shape our future. Through every challenge, you learn something new and get better at what you do which helps define your success later on.”

Nishi strongly believes that success is a sense of contentment and accomplishment, a feeling one can have with oneself. In life, to get where you want, you need to work hard for and prove yourself and make ends meet!

Uplifting the women, by women!

Being a working woman is hard, Nishi points out, often they are being demotivated by the challenges they face on a daily basis. Nishi points out how she prefers working with women as she feels a sense of comfort and empowerment by employing women. She has been a fantastic girl-boss, and she encourages every other woman to uplift and support other women in their industry and help them out. Speaking up at a time of their need is a must, she says.

“It’s the little things like complimenting on how beautiful they look, what a nice dress they’re wearing, and running for help when they’re in need. I often see women being catcalled in the streets, I hear women getting mentally harassed at their workplace and such, and I do my level best to support women. I think others should do the same!”

Work hard, play harder! A motto to live by!

Nishi is a strong believer in the motto “Work hard, play harder”. What she means is, taking adequate rest and investing time and energy into your physical and mental wellbeing can ultimately result in bringing more productivity to your work. The time you set aside for your relaxation is time well spent. Balancing work and personal life is a must, and Nishi prefers to travel with her loving family and spend time leisurely. She is also a fashion enthusiast and a lifestyle influencer who never misses a chance to have fun!

Keep striving, keep thriving, and keep fighting!

“There is no short-term alternative or a secret formula to success. You need to be hard-working and fight through the challenges and adversities that may come your way. And never hesitate to help someone in need. Your kindness will always be repaid, and you will be blessed with a good life when you treat others with kindness.”

Nishi explains how entrepreneurship comes with certain risks, and how the future is always uncertain. Your venture could either be successful, or fail, or a mix of both at times. Nevertheless, she mentions how never giving up and trusting yourself can pave the way to success. Taking calculated risks, and trying out new things could be the way to achieve more, she says.

Seeking out better opportunities and bringing business into a whole new dimension!

As it is quite a challenging time due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Nishi mentions her future business ventures are still in the phase of planning, and she will not take a leap until she is certain of her plan. Meanwhile, she continues to operate her current ventures while trying out new things and adjusting to the ‘New Normal’.

“No one can predict their future precisely. Each day is different, and each day comes with its own ups and downs. While my husband and I are looking forward to our new ventures, I make sure to contribute my 100% to optimistically running our current ventures. I believe there’s hope on the horizon, and better things are coming!”

Thashmila Nadeeshani

Thashmila Nadeeshani is a passionate and enthusiastic writer who started writing as a career path in 2015. She believes that words can truly make an impact in the world, and holds the pen as her mighty weapon to create change and bring positivity.

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Thashmila Nadeeshani

Thashmila Nadeeshani is a passionate and enthusiastic writer who started writing as a career path in 2015. She believes that words can truly make an impact in the world, and holds the pen as her mighty weapon to create change and bring positivity.

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