While the traditional stereotype of office attire is a rather dull and predictable affair, it doesn’t always have to be this way; jewelry is the best way to subtly accessorize your look. As most of you ladies with 9 to 5 jobs don’t usually have the time to plan ahead, we are sure that these tips in collaboration with Ruwini Jayarathne will have you spicing up your style in no time!


Less is more

White Topaz and Black Onyx

If you need a quick solution, the one-accessory game is the best way to go. One highlighting element instantly draws focus to any outfit, but which piece should you choose?

Earrings will create a classy, effortless look that frames your face. Another plus point is that most earrings don’t compete with your attire for attention.


Elegance with layers

The trick to elegance lies in layers! If you want to create a sophisticated but elegant look, try layering some necklaces to create a fun and energetic look rather than a simple timeless one.

Be on the lookout for pieces that offer splashes of color or subtleties that create an additional effect.


Be bold with a statement!

Prasiolite set

Make a statement with a central piece of jewelry and downplay the rest to create a balance while showing off your character.

Think in terms of thick and weighty pieces to display a mixture of power and elegance.


Flashy, yet professional

It is more than okay to display a bit of professionally acceptable sass. Gone are the days where wearing gold with silver was frowned upon; mix metal colors to form a creative, unique style.

When worn, the metal colors should look as if they belong together rather than as if they are pieces from a different set.


Say it with a ring

Black onyx ring

Black onyx ring

A ring is something that you will see all the time, be it when you type or even when you shake hands. Therefore, pick a ring that you will enjoy looking at.

At your place of employment, you can rock a ring with a pop of color paired with standard business clothes to brighten your day and leave an impression.


To conclude, clothing and jewelry make statements about who you are, what you think of yourself and how you’d like to appear to clients. Everything from your shoes to your suitcase says something, and it’s no different with jewelry. With jewelry however, you have more opportunities to mix professionalism with a dash of personal style.

All jewelry shown can be purchased through Ruwini Jayarathne’s Instagram handle – @ruwinijayarathnejewelry. Her pieces can also be purchased through her website which will be live very soon – www.ruwinijayarathnejewelry.com


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Clayton Durant


The premier source for insight, advice and guides from Sri Lanka’s most influential entrepreneurs.