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Chamindra Goonewardene
Dulith Herath
Keith De Alwis
Reeza Zarook
Rohan Jayaweera
Shiluka Goonewardene
Shiraz Latiff
Thilina Randeniya

Strategic Partners

We partner with the best to provide the best. Our partnerships with HSBC, British Council, Google Srilanka and ART TV have paved the way for the rollout of quality products and services. These associations are meant to create value to our customers. We are open to partnering with institutions that promise to create value in Entrepreneurs looking to start or grow their business.

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Coworking Space

Benefit from the synergy, enthusiasm, excitement and innovation the co working space has to offer.

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Stay updated with the latest trends, information and ideas surrounding the world of business. We will cover events and information that matter, from the entrepreneurs that made the international stage to the latest innovations and national events through to the one big idea, We understand that information is power, if put to good use.

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